About us

How do we work?

We analyze your website

Each project begins with a technical and graphic analysis; afterwards, we shall provide you a report with the identified weaknesses and with the optimizations that we propose.

We implement the optimizations

This is the execution stage in which we shall apply the solutions from the report that we realized in the first stage of the project.

We test the new functionalities

Before finishing the project, we make sure that everything works and appears as it should, testing and refining the user experience (UX).

We modify, retouch, finalize

In the last stage, we shall together go through the initial report and the implemented optimizations, so that you can tell us if there is something that you would like us to change.

What do we believe?

Here, at WebOptim, we have gathered a handful of people who want to do things a little bit different. In web design, of course, in what we are good at. 

We believe that each website is good in its own way. It’s true, some are older, but have a lot of content that accumulated over the years, others are newer and have a more attractive graphic, but don’t have as much content, and so on. 

The experience accumulated so far has helped us to develop a vision orientated towards improvement or reparation, rather than replacement – as is the tendency in every domain for some years already.

If you have a website in which you invested time, money and energy, why would you want to rebuild it only because “newer technologies have appeared”? You can optimize it with less time and money costs than if you were to completely rebuild it.

In the case that the website is compromised (for example, if it is created in Flash or if the technology used to create it does not allow for the mobile version to be built), then, of course, the solution is to rebuild the entire website. 

The most important aspect is that your website should successfully communicate with the visitors as if it were your online extension. It must earn their attention, then their trust and, finally, it must determine them to place an order, to ask for an offer or to contact you for more details.

The majority of the websites lack one or more of the 6 elements that we believe are necessary for them in order to be successful. 

If  you want to see what we can do for your website, write us, call us or make us a visit and expect to be pleasantly surprised.”

The WebOptim Team