The website of your business is its online extension.

Use this to your advantage and optimize your website.

Google indexing optimization (SEO)

First of all, it is necessary that your website is easy to be found after searching it on Google using keywords. In other words, it must appear in the first page or as close as possible.

Loading speed optimization

Second of all, in order to have the visitors on your website for as long as possible and to offer them a pleasant browsing experience, it is necessary that your website loads quickly.

Graphic optimization

Then, the design of the website should catch the attention of the visitors, should earn their trust and, finally, should convince them to take action (to order a product, to ask for an offer or to contact you for more details).

Quick contact channels

If the visitors have a pleasant browsing experience and want to work with you, but are not fully convinced yet, you must have quick contact channels - Call and WhatsApp.

English version implementation

In the current context of globalization, it is useful for your business to reach, if possible, to as many people as possible. Moreover, the english version of your website shall suggest the openness of your company towards new collaboration opportunities.

GDPR implementation

Finally, your website must respect the legal norms regarding the data protection (GDPR), in order to eliminate the risk of a fine.



Earning the trust of the visitors is the greatest challenge of any website. If you succed to earn their attention and to inspire credibility to them, Castigarea increderii vizitatorilor este cea mai mare provocare a oricarui website. Daca vei reusi sa castigi atentia acestora si sa le inspiri credibilitate, iti vor deveni si clienti.


Investing in your business’ online image optimization is one of the most rentable investments that you can do. With low costs, you may significantly grow your sales driven by your website.


Having more visitors and offering them a pleasant browsing experience, both in Romanian and English, you shall expose your company to new collaboration opportunities.

Your website, the image of your business

The website of your business shall be, many times, the only tool that the visitors shall have in order to decide if they should work with you or not.

For this reason, you must have a website which is easy to be found in Google, which loads quickly, looks convincing, has quick contact channels that grow the conversion rate and, of course, complies with the GDPR.