Case study

Google indexing (SEO)

Do you want your website to land on the first Google page, thus increasing the number of visitors and, consquently, the number of your customers?

Let us take care of everything while you do nothing and you shall see, from month to month, how your website is indexing stronger and stronger!

We know that facts are those that matter and not the words. Therefore, we present you a case study with one of our customers.

The images will speak for themselves. 

First, a few printscreens from #1 Google page

The website of the customer is

And now we will show you how we obtained these results

After the first month of subscription, the customer’s website ( was generating 13 results in Google, with a single position in the first page.

After the second month of subscription, the customer’s website, although having still a single position in the first page, was generating 29 de results in Google.

After the third month of subscription, the customer’s website was generating 50 results in Google, with 6 positions in the first page.

After the fourth month of subscription, we have accomplished the objective from the beginning of the collaboration. 

The website is now generating 89 results in Google, with 20 positions in the first page!

and we won’t stop here 🙂

Optimizing the Google indexing of your website is one of the best investment that an entrepreneur or freelancer can do.

This is because most of the new customers that come from online are using the same way of searching for service providers or product sellers: G o o g l e.

How do we do this?

The most important factor that Google takes into account when indexing websites is the text content.

In other words, a website that frequently publishes new texts using keywords that are relevant to that business will be boosted ahead of the competing websites that are not publishing new texts.

That’s why most businesses that reach the first Google page for the keywords of interest have a blog. A blog that they frequently update with 1-2 articles per week.

Of course, the results don’t show up overnight, but they will certainly get better and better from one month to another, so that in 3-4 months the website will generate the first results in the first Google page.

The most beautiful part is that also from one month to another the number of the customers will grow, proportionally with the Google indexing of the website 💰💰

So if this is what you want (more customers/more revenue), “start doing for what very few are doing to obtain what very few are obtaining”.