What we are the best at

If you want to optimize your website, you are where you should be. Continue to read in order to see how we can help you.

Google indexing optimization (SEO)

Besides the SEO optimization of the website, the most efficient method to grow in keyword searches and, finally, to get on the first Google page, consists of constantly publishing SEO-oriented content within the website.

Graphic optimization

The fonts, the colors, the shapes, the use of space within the pages, the laying of the text and image content within the pages, the images - al these form the design of a website and are extremely important for a successful website.
Our designers shall harmonize all these elements in order to create an authentic, attractive and convincing presentation.

English version implementation

Start taking advantage of the digitization and globalization in order to find foreign commercial partners - both from Romania and from abroad.
We shall take care of the professional translation of your content, as well as the "mirror" creation of the English version of your website.

Loading speed optimization

High loading speed of the website is very important for a good Google indexing, as well as for a high quality browsing - the latter is essential for a pleasant user experience.

Quick contact channels

Besides the contact form, it is very important to make available to the visitors as many means as possible through which they can quickly get in touch with you if they are browsing the website from their phone.
In the bottom corners of the screen shall be added 2 icons - one for speed dial directly from the website and the other for contacting you via WhatsApp.

GDPR implementation

A professional website is one realized with the observance of the legal norms. The protection of the personal data (GDPR) implies the implementation within the website of a page dedicated to this aspect, of a cookie bar and a tick for expressing the consent regarding the processing of personal data in the case of the contact form.


Website remaking

Sometimes, the optimization of a old website is not effective. In this case, the only solution is to remake the website from 0.

Customized B2B email campaigns

If you are looking for new commercial partners (companies), we have the perfect solution.

Google/Facebook Ads

Paid advertising at Google and/or Facebook is a quick solution for finding new customers, but it should be carefully evaluated.